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Vera Blake

8717 Beattie Road, RR1
Straffordville, Ontario N0J 1Y0

Online Résumé (general)

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  • Information Technology professional with experience in human-interface solutions
  • Technical writer with several years' experience
  • Researcher with eclectic array of skills that provide useful and reliable results


  • To apply my technical skills to a viable online and distance education solution
  • To be a part of a creative effort to effectively employ online solutions in the teaching environment



Moody Theological Seminary-Michigan

Plymouth, MI

Teaching/Research Assistant - Koiné Greek

  • Taught techniques for library, online and programmatic research
  • Developed techniques for research in BibleWorks and Logos applications
  • Supervised student research lab
  • Developed content for Blackboard coursesites
  • Maintained CAMS online coursesites
  • Assisted supervising professor with manuscript proof-reading: technical qualities, footnotes, references
  • Assisted team studying Spanish involvement in the Reformation by reading Spanish manuscripts for data collection


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

Computing & Information Technology

  • Lead Application Technical Analyst
  • E-mail and Wayne Connect (MeritMail / Zimbra) collaboration suite
    • Lead: Third-tier support for e-mail, calendaring and collaboration tools
    • Collaborated with Merit to develop documented policies and procedures
    • Advised on account expiration and deprovising procedures
    • Identified bugs in Zimbra application
      • Reported details via Zimbra bugzilla
      • Tracked bugs to resolution, providing updated details as research revealed them
    • Assisted in migrations from departmental Microsoft Exchange servers
    • Facilitated account migrations from legacy service (Novell Groupwise) for WDET
    • Facilitated modular migrations from legacy e-mail service (locally hosted; Mirapoint) to Merit hosted service
    • Processed account restorations and manual provisioning interventions
    • Processed research results using various systems: locally hosted mail stores, IronPort appliance, Zimbra Administrator interface, SpamCop and other web-based resources
    • Liaison to Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and Detroit Public Schools (DPS)
  • Merit/Wayne State BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES)
    • Lead: Third-tier support for activation requests, troubleshooting and support
    • Developed plan for communications with department technical support staff and users using Broadcast Messaging System
    • Collaborated with Merit on stop-gap measures for service interruption until permanent solution became available
  • Spam and Phishing Abatement
    • Lead: Third-tier support
    • Subject Matter Expert: Anti-phishing Committee
    • Investigated sources of spam and phishing attempts, most recently using IronPort appliance administrator tools
    • Reported findings to Security and Communications teams
    • Implemented protection plans
    • Reported validated threats through SenderBase and SpamCop clearinghouses
  • Group Liaison
    • Triaged reports of user complaints and system anomalies
    • Analyzed complaints
    • Provided informative data sufficient for initiating action
    • Communicated alerts, solutions and explanations to C&IT Help Desk, C&IT Enterprise Operations and Service Assurance (EOSA), School/College/Division technical support staff, and users
    • Collaborated to create procedures, instructions and check lists for C&IT Help Desk, EOSA and other support staff
  • MeritMail Users Group (MMUG)
    • Maintained MMUG forum application (MyBB)
    • Moderated forum posts
    • Co-presented to state-wide Merit Conference (Fall 2009)
  • Technical Writing
    • Produced documentation for group's applications and procedures
    • Redacted pre-existing documentation
    • Collaborated with other groups to produce their own documentation
    • Designed job aids for various systems
    • Produced training materials which are used Division-wide
    • Participated in Division Documentation Team
    • Lead: Division-wide "Internal Documentation System" (IDS)
      • System Administrator (MediaWiki)
      • Authored various articles, for group and for others
      • Consulted with coworkers for their groups' articles
      • Advised on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery needs for the system and uses for this wiki
      • Participated in meetings that initiated this project
  • Systems Monitoring
    • Created reports on Blackboard performance during test periods
    • Employed robot data in helping troubleshoot firewall anomalies
    • Designed custom dashboards and report sets to monitor group's systems
    • Subject Matter Expert: Used Compuware Vantage applications in proactive monitoring of group's systems to facilitate early warning should things go wrong
    • Communications liaison for group
      • Advised debriefing teams of group's progress in restoring their systems
      • Reported overall progress and needs to boss and coworkers
      • Primary communications link between group and C&IT Help Desk, EOSA, QCC, and technical support staff throughout the University
    • Provided ad hoc reports from data analysis during service interruptions
      • Winter 2007: course registration period
      • Winter 2007: Blackboard performance monitoring
      • August 31, 2009: system-wide outage
      • Regularly: Wayne Connect, Pipeline portal, course scheduling, online voting
  • System Testing
    • Tested group applications and in-house programs
      • Broadcast Messaging
      • Schedule of Classes
      • dadmin
      • WiSPA queries for new forwarding rules (Nov 2009)
      • TracSVN / Subversion
    • Described problems in algorithms that facilitated solutions
    • Provided user-experience feedback for user interfaces
    • Tested procedures for group's application
  • Training
    • Trained coworkers in use of group's applications
    • Provided on-going "Educational Tidbits" to C&IT Help Desk and Operations supervisory staffs regarding use and support of group's systems
    • Led C&IT Brown Bag Sessions
      • Online Collaboration 101: centered on IM products
      • Online Collaboration 201: centered on Wayne Connect (Zimbra) Collaboration Suite
      • ColdFusion / Perl / HTML programming (team presentation)
      • MediaWiki (team presentation)
  • WSU Broadcast Messaging Services
    • Designed algorithm for maintenance and minor subsystems
    • Ran testing, monitoring and troubleshooting during program development
    • Maintained code and system documentation
    • Designed algorithm for Security Challenge feature
      • Consulted with Chief of Public Safety on development of this feature
    • Maintained service provider data
  • Research
    • Provided comparative analysis reports for various Division-wide projects and acquisitions
      • Conference and Event Management solutions
      • spam blocking appliances
        • Arranged meetings between manufacturers and University teams
        • Findings assisted in decision-making for acquistion
      • PDF merging tools
        • Findings assisted in decision-making for acquistion
  • Blackboard
    • Maintained project management organization sites, most notably that for implementation of Wayne Connect/Zimbra Collaboration Suite
    • Developed various resource sites, especially those in support of Brown Bag sessions
    • Mentored coworkers in development and maintenance of various coursesites
    • Demonstrated features for use in the Human Resources training project
  • TracSVN/Subverson
    • Assisted with various SVN project implementations
    • Developed procedures and solutions
    • Technologies: TracSVN/Subversion, TortoiseSVN, Guiffy and command-line access
  • Extra
    • Developed mastery of TortoiseSVN, Guiffy, TracSVN/Subversion, VMware interface, Dreamweaver/ColdFusion, SQL queries, Mirapoint e-mail appliances, Zimbra Collaboration Suite, LDAP, e-mail physiology
    • Provided guidance in procurement of voltage-regulating UPSes for use with Division office electronics by employing electrical engineering training
    • Provided input leading to discovery of dying isolation transformer causing power degradation in work area by employing electrical engineering training


Michigan Theological Seminary

Plymouth, MI

Teaching/Research Assistant - Koiné Greek

  • Tutored students in translation philosophy, grammar, sentence diagramming, non-English language nuances, etc.
  • Assisted in proof-reading text for publication: New Testament Greek: A Whole Language Approach, R. D. Kunjummen, 2008
  • Developed answer key New Testament Greek: A Whole Language Approach, R. D. Kunjummen, 2008
  • Developed teaching materials and study aids
  • Provided some tutoring in Biblical Hebrew
  • Maintained CAMS online coursesites


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

Computing & Information Technology - Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Designed test procedures for the University's Banner Finance module using Compuware QA applications
  • Subject Matter Expert for Compuware testing and monitoring tools
  • Designed scripts and testing matrix for active robots monitoring strategic enterprise applications using Compuware Vantage products
  • Designed load testing scenarios for Blackboard using Compuware QALoad products
  • Tested Blackboard versions for changes during upgrade
  • Developed dashboards and transaction reports to assist in strategic enterprise application monitoring
  • Consulted with stake holders regarding monitoring needs
  • Assisted coworkers with Compuware product usage
  • Trained in Compuware script development languages: QARun, TestPartner (VB based)


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

Computing & Information Technology - Blackboard System Engineer

  • System Administrator for Blackboard Learning System
  • Project Manager and key operative for Blackboard 6.1 upgrade
  • Subject Matter Expert for move of data services to SAN
  • Developed plan to move Blackboard into automated course creations and enrollments
  • Designed method for combining coursesites for instructors who taught multiple sections
  • Performed first-ever course creations and enrollments based on University's Banner data
  • Processed daily data input polled from University Banner system
  • Developed system maintenance routines for optimal availability for application, servers, operating system and database that were performed weekly
  • Collaborated on booklets created for Blackboard orientation one targeted for faculty, the other for students
  • Patched systems on a planned basis
  • Consulted with students, faculty and staff, producing innovative solutions for online and distance learning
  • Developed initial business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Developed scripts and cron jobs to maintain system composure
  • Reverse-engineered database structure in order to obtain metrics on system usage and throughput
  • Verified on- and off-sight backups
  • Attended campus meetings and vocational conferences


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

Computing & Information Technology - Help Desk Supervisor

  • Supervised University IT Help Desk student assistant staff of twelve serving the wider campus community including students, faculty, staff, Board of Governors and the President's office
  • Mentored Help Desk staff to develop reliable troubleshooting and public relations skills
  • Developed procedures and scripts targeted to handle most calls on first contact
  • Developed checklists for on-shift orientation to various enterprise systems and reporting systems
  • Compiled Help Desk metrics reports including calls analysis and timeliness of service
  • Managed hiring and scheduling of staff to obtain the best Desk coverage while remaining aware of students' needs in the semester
  • Coordinated testing and reporting during upgrades of Banner systems
  • Interfaced with wider C&IT Division system administrators resulting in cooperative troubleshooting and problem solving efforts
  • Documented Help Desk policies and procedures toward the goal of developing Service Level Agreements and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery readiness
  • Assisted CourseInfo (Blackboard) system administrator


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

UGE1000 - Part-time Faculty

  • Taught undergraduate general education course for three half-semesters, with approximately 15-20 students per class
  • Moderated in-class debates
  • Taught University-level research skills
  • Developed content for UGE program Blackboard coursesites: assessments, streaming video access and view tracking


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions - Informatics Support

  • Lead: Information Technology and Informatics
  • Managed staff of two support technicians
  • Was directly responsible for college-wide Y2K remediation, contingency planning and ongoing observation and problem reporting for labs, including computing systems as well as refrigeration and lab animal support systems
  • Advised of server room and computer lab needs for new building yet to start construction
  • Oversaw 49 seat Computer Classroom and relevant equipment
  • Maintained network infrastructure and systems
  • Developed designs and quotes for technological purchases
  • Supported College users onsite and off
  • Edited College newsletter, "The Pipeline"
  • Administrated network services and email and their security
  • Reorganized College web site
  • Consulted on departmental web site redesigns
  • Administrated proper licensing and virus protection standards
  • Trained users in use of various technologies
  • Created policies and procedures manuals for computing in the College and Computer Classroom
  • Taught faculty and staff how to use course management system: CourseInfo (Blackboard) (part of the early-adoption program)
  • Developed content and support materials for CourseInfo (Blackboard) coursesites
  • Was trained in adult human patient simulator use and maintenance
  • Attended University committee meetings regarding technical support and data administration


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

University Development - Applications Specialist

  • Prepared reports from ADIS database using focexecs
  • Developed virus protection and detection procedures
  • Troubleshot computing and networking systems
  • Developed training and support materials
  • Trained staff in various applications
  • Organized hardware and software upgrade program
  • Advised on technology procurement
  • Attended University committee meetings in support of data systems


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

College of Engineering - PC Support Specialist

  • Supervised computer center, including lab scheduling and access
  • Supported PC software installations
  • Administered software licensing
  • Developed and implemented virus protection and detection program
  • Developed technical support documents
  • Taught computer-based applications and technology use to students, faculty and staff
  • Collected University data for College database resources
  • Attended University committee meetings in support of data systems


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

College of Engineering - Database Administrator - Dean's Office

  • Developed and maintained Student Information, PASS, and other ad hoc databases programs: Borland Paradox
  • Provided support and training for users of these systems
  • Administered UNIX and Novell subnetworks
  • Participated in University committee meetings in support of data systems


Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program

Detroit, MI

Computer Concepts - Instructor

  • Taught use of IBM compatible computers using DOS and the C programming language
  • Prepared class materials, both hard copy and software
  • Created and applied test materials
  • Assessed student performance, reporting findings to program director


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

College of Engineering - General Information Technology Support

  • Student Assistant
  • Administered UNIX subnetwork in Dean's business office
  • Provided support and training to peers, business office and other college personnel
  • Assisted in proper maintenance of software products and licenses
  • Provided virus maintenance support
  • Taught faculty, staff and students how to use advanced levels of office automation software
  • Conducted computer lab tours for high school and junior high school visitors
  • Oversaw long-range projects


Re-Solutions, Inc.

St. Clair Shores, MI

Personal Computing Systems Solutions (Self-employed)

  • Held training sessions in software applications
  • Provided advice on purchase solutions for personal computers
  • Provided direction in problem-solving


Inacomp Computer Center

Sterling Heights, MI

Systems Support and Design

  • Provided technical support to clients in the selection and implementation of and orientation to applications software
  • Prepared proposals, feasibility studies and on-going training and support programs
  • Developed virus studies and irradiation plan
  • Trained coworkers and customer in virus physiology, prevention and protection
  • Developed proficiency in file and data recovery


Maloof Manufacturing Jewelers

St. Clair Shores, MI

Supervisor - Computer Systems and Data Processing

  • Developed a viable computerized inventory maintenance program
  • Implemented office automation system
  • Trained associates on software tools and Omron point-of-sale system
  • Lead project leading to the purchase of back-office and front-end point-of-sale systems
  • Wrote database to track electronic inventory via serial numbers
  • Maintained related hardware


Great Lakes Office Equipment

Alpena, MI

Service Manager

  • Managed service department staff in sales and repair of office equipment
  • Maintained and repaired equipment in-field as well as in-house
  • Processed orders to maintain service department and retail inventory


Merchants Cash Register

Detroit, MI

Marketing Support and Systems Integrator

  • Provided pre- and post-sales support
  • Consulted with customers regarding hardware applications
  • Trained customers and coworkers
  • Developed instruction manuals and job-aids
  • Installed asynchronous communications for point-of-sale systems
  • Repaired equipment in field and in-house


Northern Business Supply

Detroit, MI

Business Operations Support

  • Maintained bookkeeping ledgers
  • Maintained 6000+-entry mailing list
  • Coordinated bulk mailings
  • Processed orders, shipping via various expediters
  • Processed incoming inventory


Early Employment


Positions held earlier in my career

  • 1992 - Re-Solutions, Inc. - Personal Computing Systems Solutions (Self-employed) - St. Clair Shores, MI
  • 1991-1992 - Inacomp Computer Center - Systems Support and Design - Sterling Heights, MI
  • 1989-1991 - Maloof Manufacturing Jewelers - Point-of-Sale Systems Support - St. Clair Shores, MI
  • 1988-1989 - Great Lakes Office Equipment - Service Manager - Alpena, MI
  • 1981-1988 - Merchants Cash Register - Systems Integrator - Detroit, MI
  • 1977-1981 - Northern Business Supply - Business Operations Support - Detroit, MI



Barnabas Christian Camp

Straffordville, ON


  • Primary Director: Grade 5-6 camp
  • Co-director: Special Friends (special needs campers), Grade 1-2, Grade 3-4 camps
  • Developed programs for weekend camp-outs attended by 20-40 campers
  • Taught at campfires and Sunday morning chapels
  • Created craft projects, providing direction to leaders and campers alike


Barnabas First Nations Ministry

Esgenoôpetitj, NB

Bible Camper

  • Home visitation: summer (team) and winter (personal) ministry trips
  • Developed programs to involve children, young people and older ones in fun summer activities: Bible Camps, crafts, canoeing


Birmingham Power Squadron

Birmingham, MI


  • A Unit of the United States Power Squadrons®
  • Provided meeting, funereal and ship launching invocations
  • Advised on spiritual needs of multi-faith membership
  • Taught Marine Electronics class
  • Completed advanced courses: Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation (exam results pending)
  • Completed electives: Marine Electronics, Weather
  • Held posts of Historian, newsletter editor and Secretary as well


Windsor Power and Sail Squadron

Windsor, ON

General Member

  • A Unit of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons
  • Pleasure Craft Operators Card: October 2009


United States Power Squadrons® District 9


Editor, Interlaker®

  • Transformed ground-mailed, black-and-white print newsletter into interactive, full-color online PDF document that is both accessed online and printed by members throughout the state of Michigan and in South Bend, Indiana


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

Student (above and beyond coursework - non-graded assistance)

  • Provided Computation Methods instructor with software solutions for teaching material and student instruction
    • (ex. spreadsheet, MatLab, QBASIC)
  • Taught Computational Methods solutions to fellow students
  • Created documentation for course and lab applications and tools
    • (ex. MatLab, electronics lab design software)


Community Missionary Church

Windsor, ON

Youth Director

  • Lead inner-city, multi-cultural youth group
  • Provided counsel and an ear to listen
  • Developed programs for weekly events
  • Coached volleyball and softball teams
  • Organized camping and intra-denominational events


Detroit Aero-Modelers

Detroit, MI

Test Pilot / Instructor

  • Licensed with the Academy of Model Aeronautics
  • Built wooden nitro-fueled power planes and gliders from kits and scratch
  • Examined club-mates' crafts for airworthiness upon completion of new construction or after repairs
  • Test flew club-mates' crafts upon completion of new construction or after repairs
  • Taught club-mates in early stages of learning to fly their crafts



Michigan Theological Seminary

Plymouth, MI

Master of Theological Studies, New Testament

  • Emphasis on original languages: Biblical Hebrew and Greek, with Ugaritic study included
  • Received Biblical Studies Award (regarding studies in languages)


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

  • Continued Spanish language studies (begun in junior high school and practiced among many Latino acquaintances)
  • Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honor Society - Michigan Epsilon)


Oakland Community College

Farmington Hills, MI

Computer Science

  • C, UNIX, Assembler (IBM 360), Pascal, Data Structures
  • Assisted instructor with testing and troubleshooting of newly installed UNIX servers